Dekorama Vista Table Cloths

Dekorama is a world brand with its laminated Table Cloths. It is a brand that had been defining the quality standards in the sector and been counterfeited by other firms with its perfect printing quality and unique designs. Dekorama while being an Oncu Grup brand, is now operating and servicing for its customers on 5 different continents and more than 60 countries. Dekorama is also a legend that provides new products to its partners and customers by variating 25% of its designs and 260 variations.


/ 450-A

/ 408-A

/ 405-A

Product Types

  • 450-A
    Dekorama / 450-A
  • 408-A
    Dekorama / 408-A
  • 405-A
    Dekorama / 405-A